Alcoy Forest Rehabilitation (CEBU)

The West Visayas Faunal Region is generally recognized as one of the world’s highest conservation priority areas, both in terms of numbers of endemic species and degrees of threat.

It is the most threatened of the faunal regions of the Philippines. It has the least remaining forest cover and the highest number of threatened endemic species and subspecies, with Cebu island being the most distinct sub-center of endemicity.

Currently, the Cebu has less than 1% forest cover, broken into eight widely separated forest fragments – Cebu City, Alcoy-Boljoon, Catmon-Carmen, Tuburan, Malabuyoc, Dalaguete, Argao, Alegria.

Twelve globally threatened birds are found in Cebu with four of these can only be found in Cebu.

Forest rehabilitation is one of the most urgent and important component towards protecting and conserving Cebu’s biodiversity and securing the ecosystem services the forest provides.

Below are just some of the species found in the Alcoy Forest:

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    Black Shama

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    Cebu Hawk Owl

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    Cebu Mistletoe

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    Cebu Cinnamon

As part of their CSR initiatives, Crimson Mactan Resort and Spa has committed to support our Alcoy Forest Rehabilitation Project in partnership with Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (PhilBio)


The project has 2 main outputs:
1. Endemic tree nursery improvement and seedling collection
2. Forest Rehabilitation- planting of endemic tree species

In line with our objectives, the critically-endangered Cebu Cinnamon will make up majority of the species that we will be planting, along with other endemic species. Site selection and planting will be conducted by our local community partner, together with PhilBio.

More than just planting, the project will also make sure that the seedlings will actually grow and overall will have a high success rate.

If you are a part of a company or own a company and would like to help in the Forest Rehabilitation Project, like Crimson, partner with us and PhilBio for your CSR program! Immerse your employees in conservation initiatives and contribute to a sustained project that will preserve Cebu’s biodiversity.


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