Eco Explorations was born from a calling to put forward conservation and community-focused explorations here in the Philippines.

We believe that conservation is a shared responsibility, but we understand that education must first take place before individuals can be moved to act & take ownership to do their part in conservation. Through our ecotours primarily focusing on natural experiences, we hope to educate the public about the places we visit, why there is a need to conserve them, and what we can do as environmental ambassadors of our country. The experiences will be immersive, allowing participants to enjoy and learn at the same time.

At Eco Explorations, we also put a strong focus on community involvement, development, and empowerment. The local communities are at the heart of our operations, and everything we do revolves around how we can work together to achieve our individual and collective goals. We put a strong focus on empowering the diverse pool of individuals we work with by providing them avenues where they can utilize their unique talents, skills, and knowledge to advocate for the environment while having a source of income at the same time. Our aim is to uplift lives by providing sustainable livelihood through sustainable tourism, and it is our commitment to continue to propel ourselves towards this direction hand in hand with those involved.

We also believe that there must be a link between the work that private and public institutions do to achieve maximum impact, and so we recognize the need to collaborate with government and non-government institutions for our initiatives. To all those who have given us mentorship through the continuous process of developing Eco Explorations, we thank you.

Key to being able to do all that we hope to achieve is partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations who share the same values and vision as we do – to see a Philippines more united when it comes to our approach to doing sustainable tourism. We are all interconnected and it is our duty to our country, our One Planet, and to everyone and everything that lives in it, to serve with the best of our abilities – preserving and protecting what naturally belongs to it and contributing only to its growth. We hope you can join us in this journey- whether it’s by providing valuable input and feedback on our work, proposing communities that we can work with, signing up as an Area Head for your local community to champion Eco Explorations and sustainable tourism as a whole, or sharing your time in our various explorations, know that every single action with purposeful intention matters.

To conservation and community!



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    Nella Lomotan


  • null

    Ann Dumaliang

    Sustainability Director
    Trustee, Masungi Georeserve


  • null

    Carlo Delantar

    Country Director, Waves for Water
    Co-Chair, Climate Action Steering Committee Global Shapers, World Economic Forum

  • null

    Ace Durano

    Former Secretary, Department of Tourism
    Board Member, Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc.

  • null

    Anabelle Plantilla

    Project Manager, Biodiversity Finance Initiative
    Former Chief Operating Officer, Haribon Foundation

  • null

    Monica Kabigting

    Owner, RUB Group
    Former Director, Globe Telecom

  • null

    Ayen dela Torre

    Creative Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Where to Next
    Marketing Consultant


  • null

    Cara Durano


  • null

    Ruffie Nhyl Cruz


  • null

    Priscilla Relova


  • null

    Priscilla Relova

    Nueva Ecija

  • null

    June Pineda

    Occidental Mindoro

  • null

    Celine Murillo


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