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Mangrove River Kayak

This kayak daytrip will take you to paddle one of Bohol’s most important mangrove rivers and into one of the island’s oldest mangrove forests. Join us explore mangrove tunnels under the canopy of a century old forest on the water.BOOK A TRIP »

Mangrove Forest & Sea Kayak Exploration

A 2N/3D adventure where you get to paddle through one of Bohol’s oldest mangrove forests and rivers, witness fireflies along the river, and kayak in the open sea.BOOK A TRIP »

Firefly Night Kayak

Be awed by hundreds – sometimes thousands of fireflies in a scene that could have come out of a fantasy movie. Under the ambient moonlight, we will paddle into one of the last pristine mangrove rivers of Bohol, where you will witness one of nature’s most amazing sights.BOOK A TRIP »

Mangrove River & Firefly Night Kayak

This kayak paddle combines 2 of our classic trips in one day – the mangrove river and firefly night experience. Discover one of Bohol’s most important mangrove ecosystems and be awed by nature’s wonder.BOOK A TRIP »

Panglao Sea Kayak

Panglao Island offers every beach lover all the sand and sea one can long for. Hop in a kayak and paddle out exploring empty coves, and endless beaches – some parts of the coast most don’t get to see in Bohol. We’ll have some time to swim in well-manicured beach fronts along the way if you wish.BOOK A TRIP »


Located at the heart of Central Visayas, the Island province of Bohol is the 10th largest island
in the Philippines. It is composed of an oval-shaped mainland surrounded by 72 smaller

One of the most marine diverse seas in our region, the Bohol sea supports big crustacean and
mammals like whales, dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays, and is home one of the largest coral
formations in the Philippines.

*From Bohol Tourism Office

Opportunities for Tourism and Conservation

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    Ecotourism as an alternative to mass tourism

    With the onslaught of mass tourism in Bohol, biodiversity in sites such as Loboc River, Chocolate Hills, Panglao & Alona beaches can be overwhelmed by unsustainable tourism activities. There is an opportunity to offer a different side of Bohol to tourists not usually explored, sites that focus on sustainable tourism and community development

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    Sustainable livelihood and other economic opportunities

    Through ecotourism, we can provide an alternative source of livelihood to locals who look towards other means such as overfishing, dynamite fishing, whaling, and mangrove cutting for charcoal. We can also provide more awareness for existing ecotourism sites created together with People’s Organizations, and enhance the offers of the destinations for continued tourist visits.

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    Mangrove rehabilitation

    Bohol is blessed with mangrove forests around its river systems, estuaries and offshore islands. The island has one of the highest biologically diverse mangrove ecosystems with 26 mangrove species found on its shores. (bohol-philippines.com) However, its mangrove ecosystems are threatened, with human exploitation a large threat to their survival.