JM Alvarez


This social entrepreneur helped launch Design Against the Elements, an international contest on environment-friendly and resilient urban housing, in March. A former commercial model, he is also one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World in 2006, a World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader awardee in 2008 and the only Filipino who made it to’s “Hot List: 135 People to Watch” in 2009.

From creating award-winning projects like affordable urban housing for seamen with his team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alvarez now helps lead the international green urban housing contest, Design Against the Elements. The contest encourages its about 3,000 architect participants to create high-rise buildings that can be duplicated. In line with the project, Diaz brought together over 40 local artists for the song, “Stand Up,” which calls for people to be ready against climate change.