Featured Eco Explorations


Bolaven Plateau Day Trek

Explore in a day what Bolaven Plateau is famous for- lush tropical forests, amazing waterfalls, and coffee plantations while learning about history.

Bolaven Plateau & Homestay Experience 1N/2D

Explore the Bolaven Plateau and discover amazing waterfalls. Spend the night in an authentic village homestay of an ethnic minority & learn about their unique history and culture.

Bolaven Jungle Camp Adventure

Explore the Dong Hua Sao National Park on the Bolaven Plateau with local guides who will share their knowledge of local plants and animals. Discover cascading waterfalls, bamboo forests, coffee plantations and more on this fantastic two days adventure.

Hidden Southern Mekong 1N/2D Exploration

Kayak on the Mekong River and paddle through the 4000 Islands in search for the critically endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin. Learn about the importance of the river to the culture and lives of the local people.

Highlights of Southern Laos

This excursion within the south of Laos takes you to the 4000 Islands for a boat ride to see the rare Irawaddy Mekong dolphins. Enjoy the beautiful Bolaven Plateau which is home to numerous waterfalls and fascinating ethnic villages! (1N/2D or 3N/4D option)

Life of the Far South

This 3 day excursion in and around the Bolaven plateau gives you varied and lasting impressions of its beautiful country side, famous waterfalls, fertile farmlands, high-grade Lao coffee plantations, and hill tribes of the Mon-Khmer ethnic group.

4000 Islands Highlights Daytour

This one day of sightseeing tour takes us to the 4000 Islands on the southern tip of Laos. We visit the old French bridge at Don Det, the Somphamit gorge of Don Kone and the amazing Khonephapheng waterfall. Highlight of the day is spotting the rare and globally endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins.

4000 Islands Kayak Adventure

Either kayak from Ban Hat Xay Koun down to the Mekong through the beautiful scenery to Don Det or begin in Nakasang from where you will take a boat to Don Khon to see the amazing Lipi waterfalls & kayaking to Konephapheng Waterfall to end.


Cruising around the unique 4,000 Islands, spotting rare Irrawaddy dolphins, watching birds in vast wetlands; highlands studded with coffee plantations, misty waterfalls, Mekong river home-stays, the ancient city and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wat Phou, and jungle covered mountains of the Dong Hua Sao and Xe Pian National Protected Areas. These are only few of the outstanding highlights in this southernmost province.

Opportunities for Tourism and Conservation

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    Community-based tourism for conservation

    Close collaboration with local villagers as full partners at all levels not only retains their ownership in tourism destinations but also brings them substantial financial benefits in return for conserving nature.