Rebecca Caliao


Rebecca Caliao was born and raised in Bohol and has been working in Bohol’s tourism industry for 4 years now. She is an advocate of responsible travel and sustainable tourism development which includes environmental conservation. Being around nature is when she feels most connected with herself and the world – that’s why she loves doing activities like trekking, kayaking, snorkelling, camping, simply being outdoors.

She says she is happy to be part of Eco Explorations since the organization is greatly aligned with her values and advocacy. It also provides her an opportunity to showcase Bohol’s natural and cultural heritage. These experiences do not just give justice to what Bohol has to offer but also extend tourism benefits to the local communities.

She looks forward to showcasing Bohol in a more authentic way and in getting to know the partner organizations, communities and the travellers who wish to know more of the province.

Her advice? If you want to take part in conservation efforts, always start by looking around your own community. Start with your locality and know that even if you start small, with the collective efforts of the communities around the world – it can make a positive impact.