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Masungi Discovery Trail: Forest Bathing with Yoga

Go through Masungi Georeserve’s conservation area and come up close with the karst terrain in its Discovery Trail. Participants will also be treated to Forest Bathing & restorative yoga.BOOK A TRIP »

Masungi Legacy Trail: Forest Bathing with Yoga

Immerse in the restoration efforts of Masungi Georeserve. Participate in tree planting/tree nurturing and be treated to Forest Bathing & Yoga in nature.BOOK A TRIP »

Native Trees & Dumagat Stories: Mt. Mapalad

A nature & culture appreciation where you learn about native trees and traditional methods of cooking from our fellow Dumagats of Mt. Mapalad.BOOK A TRIP »

Camp for a Cause: Saving Daraitan

Celebrate the importance of indigenous peoples & watershed management in solidarity with the Dumagat-Remontados of Tanay.

See Daraitan from the perspective of the local IPs who call it home.BOOK A TRIP »


Rizal is one of the Philippines first class provinces that belongs to CALABARZON (CA-vite, LA-guna, BA-tangas, R-izal, Que-ZON) Region or region IV-A in the island of Luzon.

The province’s topography is a combination of valleys and mountains; flat low-lying areas on the western portion which are mostly urbanized and populated, and the rugged ridges and rolling hills which form part of the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges in the eastern portion.

Rizal is one of the neighboring provinces of Metro Manila. It takes an hour drive from major commercial districts and centers of Metropolis to reach the province’s best places.

Source: rizalprovince.ph


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    Sustainable Livelihood for Indigenous Communities

    The Remontados, identified as a Negrito ethnolinguistic group, derive their name from the Spanish verb “remontar”, meaning, “to flee to the hills”, “to frighten away” or “go back to the mountains”. These indigenous peoples (IPs) are said to be the descendants of lowlanders who opted to live in the mountains to avoid subjugation by the Spaniards. Subsequently, they intermarried with the Negrito groups. Also referred to as Dumagat, they prefer to call themselves taga-bundok (from the mountains) or magkakaingin (those who practice kaingin). (Bennnagen, 1985) They  inhabit the uplands of Rizal and Quezon Provinces along the Sierra Madre highlands. They live mainly on the eastern part of Rizal Province.

    As people who mainly rely on nature for their sustenance, we can provide our partner Dumagat-Remontados in Rizal with sustained livelihood opportunities through ecotourism.

    *Information from ncca.gov.ph

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    Sharing Indigenous Knowledge for Biodiversity Conservation

    The Dumagat-Remontados have a rich reservoir of knowledge on the environment and ecology. Their taxonomy of the flora and fauna is evident in their crops, technology on hunting wild games and even in the identification of medicinal plants.  Their mastery and expertise on the issue of ecological management is also evident in their kaingin system of multi-cropping and fallow period. (ncca.gov.ph)

    Educating those who join ecotours together with IP partners will not only lead to increased learning about biodiversity, but also inspire action for their conservation.

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    Studies show that there is an average loss of 206 hectares per year in the province of Rizal (Mongabay). Unsustainable activities such as timber poaching, charcoal making and land conversion are still widespread and continuous.

    Hand in hand with local communities, private and public sectors, we need to work together to bring back the forests in the denuded areas of Rizal.