Support-A-Ranger (Tamaraw Conservation Program)

The Tamaraw Conservation Program (TCP) was a special project established in 1979, then called the Presidential Committee for the Conservation of the Tamaraw (PCCP), to save the Tamaraw from extinction by addressing the various factors that pose threat to its population and habitat.

Despite having limited resources and dysfunctional patrolling equipment to guard the 2,500-hectare strict protection zone within Mts. Iglit-Baco Natural Park, TCP’s dedicated team along with a mere 26 tamaraw rangers work hard to keep the tamaraws safe from hunters and poachers.

Ensuring the safety of the tamaraws means that rangers will have to guard their posts at MIBNP and be away from their families for about a month at a time. Receiving threats and dodging bullets from hunters are all part of the job. Even without stable employment, rangers wholeheartedly perform their jobs without any health and security benefits. While the population count of tamaraws has been steadily increasing in the past few years, which can be attributed to TCP’s efforts, the rangers along with the whole TCP team have yet to receive the funding and working conditions that they deserve. (Write up from UNDP-BioFin)

Below are just some of the dedicated Rangers that sacrifice and work hard to protect our critically-endangered Tamaraw from going extinct:

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    Eduardo Bata

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    Cocoy Barsenas

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    Gener Fantuyaw

Since 1979, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has been working tirelessly through the TCP to manage and protect tamaraw core habitats, while engaging local communities to partake in conservation efforts.

Below are various ways you can support the mission:


When it comes to helping our fellow Filipinos who need more support for the conservation work that they do, the help we can provide goes beyond monetary support.

Below is a checklist of items lacking from the Tamaraw rangers, but are essential for the work they do. Whether it’s connecting a company or an organization you know about who has access to the resources needed by communities or donating used (but still usable!) items from your stash of personal belongings, there are various forms of support that you can extend to help those on ground be able to continue to do the work they do for our environment.


As a flagship species of Mindoro considered critically-endangered, the Tamaraw requires in-depth research and conservation initiatives. The listed below are the actions that need to be conducted for the Tamaraws that needs funding/ sponsorship:

1. Island wide population survey to update the actual range of the species and determine if there are any additional extant populations.

2. Improved habitat and species conservation actions through effective management, monitoring, and enforcement through the Tamaraw Rangers

Below are corporate packages:
– Monthly donation of 5000
– Monthly donation of 10,000
– One-time donation

Email us to learn more and extend support through any of the above.