Featured Eco Explorations


Limestone Canyon Kayak

Enjoy an amazing experience kayaking down an incredible river! Explore Laos by kayak as you paddle downstream between limestone mountains and remote villages only accessible by the river.

Thakhek Cycling Adventure

This cycling tour will take us through limestone karst landscapes, exploring caves, rural villages and local swimming holes. We ride out into the countryside exploring the limestone mountain ranges, discovering the caves hidden within them. Meet local villagers and learn about life in these rural villages then explore a local swimming hole.

Kong Lor Cave & Waterfall Discovery

Explore the Phou Hin Boun National Park on this one day discovery of Lao’s most famous cave, Kong Lor. Float through the cave on an underground river running through a mountain. Immerse yourself in nature while trekking through the limestone forest to discover a beautiful waterfall.

Kong Lor Trek, Kayak, Homestay Adventure

This two day adventure will take you hiking over a mountain to reach a remote village. Spend the night in an authentic local homestay and experience the warmth of Lao hospitality. Kayak on an underground river through Lao’s most famous cave.

Xe Bang Fai Safari

This trip takes us through the beautiful Hin Namno National Park. Spend a day traveling on a long tail boat up a river. a cave and another day hiking to a waterfall. See the forest, the wildlife and the people who live in the forest!

Kong Lor Trek, Kayak, Cycling Adventure 2N/3D

Explore one of Laos’ longest caves, Kong Lor, via kayak and enjoy trekking and cycling amongst the spectacular scenery.

Hidden Valley Homestay Experience

Two days to explores the major attractions of the Phou Hin Boun Protected Area, the Limestone Forest, several caves and an overnight stay in a remote village. Trained local eco-guides will teach us about local plants and animals. 

Hidden Lagoon Day Trek

This one day trip is where we will discover the clearest water with big fish and listen to trained local eco-guides teaching us about local plants and animals. Explore the major attractions of the Phou Hin Boun Protected Area.


Clear-water rivers cutting through labyrinthine limestone mountains, sparse karst forests with hidden cave passages to remote villages, and minority communities still strongly observing traditional customs mark the outstanding beauty of the area.

Nearly one quarter of the province’s land comprises ‘National Protected Areas’: Phou Hin Boun, Nakai-Nam Theun, and Hin Namno. All three parks are unique with diverse, spectacular landscapes and abundant wildlife. Their remote and extensive forests are famous for being home to some of the rarest larger mammals in the world.

Opportunities for Tourism and Conservation

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    Community-based tourism for conservation

    Close collaboration with local villagers as full partners at all levels not only retains their ownership in tourism destinations but also brings them substantial financial benefits in return for conserving nature.