What a Tourism Immersion in New Zealand Taught a Young Business Leader from Asia

*Written by Nella Lomotan, Founder of Eco Explorations For someone who loves nature and whose social enterprise revolves around bringing people closer to nature to learn about its biodiversity and take part in its conservation, New Zealand has long been in my list of destinations to visit. My limited understanding came about from mere stories [...]
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Save our Spots: A Bayanihan Movement by the Department of Tourism

Last November 13, we had the opportunity to visit what they often call the "Last Frontier of the Philippines", for the launching of the Save our Spots campaign by the Department of Tourism. Under the leadership of Secretary Berna, the direction of tourism in the Philippines has been steered towards promoting sustainable, responsible, inclusive tourism [...]
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On Saving Tamaraws and Climbing Mountains

My tree-hugging, tamaraw-loving self takes this to mean each of us have a role to play, and, if you aren’t yet, it is time to get involved A visual journal and some thoughts. The tamaraw is a critically endangered species found only on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. As of April 2018, there [...]
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My Voice as an Educator

“My commitment is to use my voice as an educator to raise awareness on the true stories of conservation in the mountains of Iglit-Baco and how this compelling battle is everybody's concern as Filipinos.” 1) What inspired you to share with your class your learnings from our Exploration? It was during our Mts. Iglit-Baco exploration [...]
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